Everyone has its own reasons to run, this time, however, I want to run for those who run leaving behind what is most loved.
Our "confort zone" and the fact of getting out of it in order to develop ourselves has been widely talked about in the last years. And whoever decides to get out of it, usually does it following his or her own decision. However, have you ever thought about the possibility of being constrained to leave everything behind because no other option is available? Because there is a war, a natural disaster or a event of any kind that makes you flee? No? Well, sadly there is a huge amount of people who is currently going through these kind of situations and it is everybody's business to help them.
Help me help them by donating to the fundraiser that I have opened, which will all go to UNHCR (The United Nation's Refugee Agency) and by doing so you will also encourage me on April, 8th, 2018 when I will run the Milano Marathon for those who unwillingly run away from what they used to call home.

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    Más vale tarde que nunca.. ENHORABUENA!

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    Ánimo Sara!!

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    Creo en ti y quiero creer que algún día, pronto, rodos ellos puedan correr de vuelta! Dale Sari, dale!

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    A sudar la camiseta Sarita!!!

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    8/4/2018 —> 8-4+20+1-8=17, y 3 de propina

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    Hola Saris, no tengo mucho en los bolsillos para dar pero al menos aporto un granito de arena

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    Que todos las carerras a lo pinocho sirvn para ayudar a los refugiados!

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    Sara! Te deseo mucha suerte en tu reto, y además por una buena causa. Siempre cumpliendo objetivos. Mucho ánimo y un beso fuerte. Miriam.


    Perché tu possa sempre raggiungere i tuoi obiettivi

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    Mi pequeña aportación. ¡Suerte!

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    Mucho ánimo con tu reto Sara! Me parece una idea genial, así que dale candela para lo que queda de preparación y suerte con la recaudación!

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    Ánimo. A por los 42,... aunque la mayor de las metas ya la estás consiguiendo. Un beso

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